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Did you know that around 85% of NOK color problems the root cause is not color and is not a process deviation?
Did you know that around 95% of the problems of scrap due to dirt in the paint are not identified due to lack of knowledge of the real origin.
Did you know that painting companies give up the business due to lack of knowledge of painting?
Did you know that the graphical result of the colors indicate your process problems?
Did you know that for all your technical problems there is a Solution.
Yes this is a fact, come and find out why!
It´s free by phone call + 55 11 94738 9719 or whatsapp and e-mail

  • Silvio Pereira Neves

     If your business is not reaching technical or financial results according your targets it´s becouse some of your processes need to be redisign and managed.
     If you are recieving to much complaints or your costumers aren´t really satisfied it´s becouse there are gaps among you and yours costumers. 

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Color graph analysis
Color adjustment
Costumer Correlation Program
Manual Painting Application
Automatic Application
Reduction Paint Consumtion
Painting process automatization
Plastics Surface Treatment
Metal Treatment
M2 optimization
Incoming Inspection
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